Mike McLoone

Composer,Mix Engineer,Mastering Engineer



Creating original music to order. Electronic, rock, ambient, classical etc.


A critical ear to bring all elements of your track to a competitive standard


Studio Recording, Location Recording & Mixing



Since graduating with a Masters in Music Technology from the University of Limerick in 2003, Mike McLoone has been relentlessly developing and honing his craft in music composition. Stemming originally from the ruggedness of the hills and lakes of County Donegal in the North-West coast of Ireland, the variety and abundance of terrain reflects the wildness and lack of adherence to popular convention in his works.

A total of forty-five individual track releases to date, spanning three albums and thirteen singles, cover a variety of forms rarely explored by a single composer. He has exposed upon pop, rock, trance, hard techno and even psy-trance. Stretching on occasion as far as classical. All of which help to balance and refine an ambitions drive and never-ending curiosity. In addition he is credited with a PC game soundtrack and co-writing with Master Margarita for Peak Records, Switzerland.

Born into a family of teachers, he enjoys breaking down large complex subjects into understandable terms, encouraging others to find and express their inner creativity. His goal in teaching is not showing how to use a specific music hardware or software product, but rather the underlying philosophies and techniques, which help others improve their craft of writing, recording and mixing music.

As an audio electronics engineer, he has worked for some of the best audio equipment manufacturers in the world, including Native Instruments, ADAM and Studer. He has an intimate knowledge of audio test and has serviced and configured large-format mixing consoles for a variety of clients, including the Conan O'Brien show, Berlin Philharmonie, Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and the BBC's New Broadcasting House, which is the largest and most complex broadcast facility in the world today.