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  • Teaching

    I provide teaching services in various areas of music, recording and studio technologies. This could be a 1:1 video conference session with an interactive critique of your work. Or a simple lecture on a particular subject you are interested in.

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  • Producing

    The term producing is often misunderstood. From Wikipedia "A record producer or music producer oversees and manages the sound recording and production of a band or performer's music". Therefore, by providing this service, I am your artistic and technical consultant. I will help you arrive at your target, but it is you who must write the music. I can tell you which microphone to use and how to improve your arrangement. The actual work is up to you. If you need someone to write the music for you, then you would be better looking at hiring a ghost writer. 

  • Composition

    I am a composer for hire and will therefore write and deliver music to your taste and specifications. If you don't know anything about music theory, that's perfectly OK. Part of my job is to find out what you are after. It's not as difficult as it might seem. We can discuss such an abstract topic as music through examples, pictures, emotions etc.

    One of the joys of creativity is that it is basically infinite. There are an infinite amount of options and directions available. Even if you initially don't know which direction you want to go in, after a little exploring the way becomes clearer. Slowly the seeds of an idea take form and it defines it's own path.

    Imagine you are sitting in a cinema. The lights go down, there's a moment of total darkness then the familiar blue text appears:

    "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... "

    After a dramatic pause, there is one musical idea, crystallized and unique, which is presented next. An orchestral fanfare of brass, playing a fifth to reach for the stars, whilst a golden yellow text bigger even than the cinema screen itself floats away in front of us; STAR WARS

    Can you imagine a different piece of music had played instead? Even a track from your favourite band? Or one of the most popular singers? Even a different piece written by top composer would seem out of place here. This is what good composition is all about. Finding that crystallized idea which becomes the best solution possible. It's no longer possible to imagine a different solution, it has become an integral and fundamental part of the project.

    My role is to attempt to bring music to such a level. Strong enough to be identifiable, to stand on it's own two feet. And yet working in a supporting role, underpinning the story, the emotions and the pace of the project.



  • Mixing

    Your acoustic/band/electronic track is finished and now ready for professional mixing. This includes editing and cleaning up of recorded instruments where necessary, adding dynamics and tonal processors as well as time based and frequency based effects. I am generally working with Pop, Rock, Classical & Electronic genres, but always up for a new challenge.

    What you supply:

    Finished multitrack recording track as AIFF or WAV stems. All stems should be bounced as a continuous files from left to right, starting from the same left position, so they align in my software. Preferred format 24-bit at 44.1, 48 or 96kHz. I can mix 16-bit files if necessary. I will not mix from MP3 or any compressed/lossy format. Please ensure you turn off your dynamics processors and EQ etc before bouncing, unless these are an integral element of the audio. Try to ensure there is no clipping when you bounce the files out. All tracks should be dry, no reverb or echo effects. If you don't fully understand any of the above, don't worry! Just get in touch and I will help!

    Also very helpful are the names of a couple of tracks by other artists you like the sound of, so I know what direction to take it.

    I have a private and secure FTP server in Germany where you can upload your multitrack recording. Please do not email me AIFF or WAV files, thanks!

    What you get:

    Professionally mixed 2-track (stereo) bounce suitable for mastering. Also included will be a rough master in accordance with Spotify and Apple Music specifications. If you are on a budget, you may use this version for upload to streaming services.





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